Cincinnati Mulch Delivery

We have your favorite mulch style including Grade A Cypress, Black, Red and Natural Hardwood.

Bear’s Mulch is your one-stop shop in Cincinnati, Ohio that has all of your mulch, landscape materials and tools.

Quality Mulch for your Beautiful Landscape.

Just west of downtown Cincinnati in the Village of Sayler Park you’ll find Bear’s Mulch bins filled with earthy colors.  Natural Hardwood or dyed mulch in Premium Black or Cedar Red will showcase your home and blooms. We also carry a variety of mulch material in bags. In addition, we offer Pine straw,  straw, straw mats, grass seed, starter fertilizer, weed and feed, professional grade pre-emergent or Round Up, fill sand, shredded topsoil, dense grade limestone, decorative brassfield, oversized gravel, pea gravel and larger decorative rocks and boulders.